Towards the end of the last year we re-newed business relations between our company ZLIN AIRCRAFT a.s. and South America, the continent, which is one of traditional destinations for deliveries of world known ZLIN aeroplanes. Our salesmen set up for a trip around the countries, where ZLINs have been already flying as well as those, which we wish to penetrate with these excellent aircraft.

Our goal was to speak with the operators of ZLINs, listen to their experience and based on them to ascertain chances in the new markets or new market segments. „We believe that South American market is a good prospect and in certain areas it is still standing at the start line of the use of training and sport aeroplanes,“ clarified Jiri Tutter in charge of company´s business development .
Praising words of the current operators – Peruvian Air Force (Fuerza Aérea del Peru) and Mexican Navy Air Force (Armáda de México) re-enforced our belief that ZLIN aeroplanes are ideal for local difficult climate as well as terrain conditions thanks to its construction features as well as flight characteristics.
Our team also discussed with private sector and ministries in all visited countries. They brought back the prospect of new early deliveries of training aircraft to new as well as to the current customers.

Eighteen units of „Two-four-two“ have been serving very well to Fuerza Aerea de Peru. Other ten units have been flying in the training center of Armáda de México.

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