Aerobatic wings for ZLIN Z 242 L

Aerobatic wings for ZLIN Z 242 L Date: (23.08.2013)

Aerobatic wings for ZLIN Z 242 L

Based on requirements of its customers - mainly aerobatic pilots - ZLIN AIRCRAFT inc. has icluded new aerobatic wings into its offer after long-term development.

The new wing is equipped with strengthened main wing spar to increase the wing aerobatic operation life – thereof the name „aerobatic wing“.

Fatigue tests from VZLÚ (Aerospace research and test institute) confirmed the increase of safe fatigue life, which is now not limited when installed in conjunction with AMU1 registering accelerometer. The wing safe fatigue life is only being decreased according to actual operational characteristics (flight loading).

For more information contact our sales department: or +420 725 266 711

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