ZLIN AIRCRAFT Best GEAC Supplier of Year 2014

ZLIN AIRCRAFT Best GEAC Supplier of Year 2014 Date: (18.06.2014)

As in every year, the joint-stock company ZLIN AIRCRAFT a.s. has taken part in the GEAC (GE Aviation Czech) Supplier Days. GEAC, a member of the American concern General Electric, is a traditional manufacturer of Czech turboprop aircraft engines of the Walter make. Our company, ZLIN AIRCRAFT, has made numerous engine components for this successful company and its M-601 and H80 aircraft engine series, which not only reliably power the Czech L-410 aircraft and the American Turbo Thrush agricultural airplane, but are also used for a number of other multipurpose aircraft types, including a modification of the Beechcraft C90 executive aircraft using these very engines.

Every year GEAC organises a competition for the best supplier, where the main criterion is compliance with the agreed contractual terms and conditions - including delivery dates, quality, price and customer support. This year, our company obtained the top award for a second time, with the first trophy received in 2012.

ZLIN AIRCRAFT a.s. would like to use this opportunity to express its thanks to all its employees contributing to the manufacture of components for GEAC.

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