ZLIN AIRCRAFT at MILITARY FLIGHT TRAINING 2016, London Date: (29.02.2016)

We are happy to inform you, that our company ZLIN AIRCRAFT will take part at the MILITARY FLIGHT TRAINING 2016 conference, taking place from March 15 to March 18, 2016 in London.

First running in 2002, Military Flight Training quickly became the leading event for the flight training community to gather and meet with fellow military and industry peers, analyse advances in training and simulation, and debate the most pressing issues facing the industry. Building on its 12 year history, Military Flight Training 2013 covered key topics such as training for the 5th Generation, and further the debate between live flight and simulation. For the first time the 2013 event had an over-arching theme of "Military Flight Training 2020+". T his was designed to give delegates the opportunity to explore innovative equipment capabilities and blue sky training techniques, with the view to preparing themselves for future military requirements. 

On of the speakers is also Czech representative, Colonel Petr Tomanek, Head of Training of the Czech Air Force who will be speaking about Multi-national Training Centre for Central Europe. 

It is a pleasure to take part at this conference.

See more information about the event here

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