Aircraft components

Since 1934

Since 1934

Since 1934

Since 1934

In research and development, production, and servicing of aircraft wheels and brakes for military and civilian aircraft we are one of the oldest aviation brands in the world. Our tradition was started in 1934 by Mr. Bata.


We stand behind our excellent quality. Thanks to our extensive experience with such specific production, our products meet the extraordinary demands for reliability, climate resistance, light weight and air traffic safety.

We hold all the necessary certificates for both civilian and military segments.



The high technical level and legendary skills of all ZLIN employees are applied in the development, production and servicing of the complete set of mechanical parts of ejection seats for all types of Aero Vodochody military jet aircraft.


ZLIN AIRCRAFT is world-renowned for its high level of precision machining technology, plumbing skills and difficult welding work. We are able to tailor the production program and technology to the needs of our customers.

We are an important, long-term and reliable supplier to GE Aviation, a manufacturer of aircraft engines, Aircraft Industries, a civilian transport aircraft manufacturer and to Aero Vodochody, a military jets manufacturer.






In addition to many different special technologies, ZLIN AIRCRAFT is also equipped for the production of wrought steel support structures as well as machined, welded and riveted parts and assemblies.

We provide surface finishes of steel and aluminum alloy subassemblies, including special coatings and finishes.


  • metal sheet forming
  • machining
  • welding
  • riveting
  • assembly
  • inspection and testing




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